With the addition of Katy Perry's Super Bowl tattoo, both the 'Roar' singer and Justin Bieber are now rockin' roman numeral ink. Whose tat do you like better?

Justin Bieber has the roman numerals "I IX VII V" tattooed on his chest, right below his shoulder. The numbers spell out "1975," which is the year that his mom, Pattie Mallette, was born. According to numerous fan sites dedicated to the Biebs, it is widely thought that the roman numeral tat represents his mom -- which makes perfect sense, considering that the 'Home to Mama' singer also has ink of his mom's eye on arm.

Fresh off her 2015 Super Bowl Halftime performance, Katy Perry went under the needle to ink a permanent reminder of the amazing accomplishment on her skin. Opting to go for the roman numerals "XLIX" -- which stands for Super Bowl XLIX (or 49), of course -- the powerhouse pop star had the number tattooed on the inside of her ring finger. Undoubtedly a memory that will forever live on -- especially when Katy looks down at her hand.

Whose roman numeral tattoo is your fave? Cast your vote for Justin or Katy in the poll below!

See Justin Bieber's Roman Numeral Tattoo

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See Katy Perry's Roman Numeral Tattoo

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