Move over, Patti Stanger! Justin Bieber is the newest 'Millionaire Matchmaker,' and he's using 21st century technology to make his love connections. Bieber recently tweeted at Kendall Jenner, the second to youngest in the Kardashian clan, to try and set up the model/TV star with his buddy, Julian Swirsky. She agreed, but only if Bieber and his girlfriend Selena Gomez tagged along.

Bieber tweeted at 15-year-old Jenner, writing, "Hey Kendall Jenner, you should let my boy [Julian Swirsky] take you out on a date ; )." Swirsky, who is reportedly 16 years old, collaborates with Bieber as a writer and producer. Swirsky was all about it, responding, "Yeah, I wouldn't mind that."

Jenner later tweeted back at Bieber: "Only if you and @selenagomez join! #DoubleDate." Aw. We hope this actually ends up happening! We wonder where this famous teenage foursome will end up going if it does.

Hopefully, Jenner will be able to set aside some double date time in her busy schedule. Jenner has been modeling for companies like Forever 21 and was just named the face of Australian swimwear designer Leah Madden's 2012 campaign, Pirouette. Bieber will surely make it work for his friend's sake. Hey, it's not everyday that you get to go out on a date with a model!