What do you get when you mix a squeaky clean teen idol with a self-proclaimed "filthy" party girl? A duet, apparently. Justin Bieber and Kesha will collaborate on a track for Bieber's new album, 'Believe.'

Kesha is the latest name to be linked with 'Believe.' The 'Sleazy' singer will write the track, on which she'll also appear "in a duet capacity,” a source told Hollywood Life.

Bieber has previously announced other collaborators on 'Believe,' and it's an A-list bunch. Bieber will also have tracks with Timbaland and skateboard buddy Lil Wayne. The Biebs also hinted that Toronto native Drake may be involved with the project, tweeting, "you really wanna know who im going into the studio with tonight??#bigbro #CANADA." Bieber's previous duets include Chris Brown ('Next 2 You') and Ludacris (his breakout hit, 'Baby').

Kesha is no stranger to collaborations herself. The singer-songwriter was featured on the remix of 'Til the World Ends' (which she also penned) with Britney Spears and Nicki Minaj, had Weezy, T.I. and Andre 3000 on her 'Sleazy 2.0' remix and sang on Alice Cooper's 'What Baby Wants.' Kesha's working with rock legends the Flaming Lips on her own new record, due in May.

We can't wait to hear this glittery, swaggerific duet, but we think the Biebs should work with one other lucky lady on his album, too. C'mon, when are you going to sing with Selena Gomez?!