Today from the "Justin Bieber Behaving Badly in Europe" files: The Biebs was supposedly booted from his luxury suite at the Hotel Le Meurice in Paris, France today (March 18) due to his poor attitude and fan disturbance.

His rep quickly shot that nonsense down, saying that it was The Biebs' decision to bonce, since Lord knows the singer does not need another rash of negative publicity tainting his image.

The Beliebers got wind of the location of The Biebs -- make that "Le Biebs," since it sounds French -- and organized a search and swarm mission. Hundreds of Beliebers turned up at the luxury digs, hoping to see their hero.

It resulted in rumors that Le Biebs was kicked out for causing a headache to other guests.

At first, TV and radio personality Jean-Marc Morandini blogged the following:

Justin Bieber has just been kicked out of the Meurice Hotel in Paris. It was a decision taken by the management of the luxury hotel because of his attitude in the establishment, and because of the nuisance caused by the presence of his fans around the buildings.

Now, the teen booked seven (!!!) suites spanning two floors for himself and his crew. A reservation that large easily costs six figures, which would make us doubt that the hotel staff would be quick to boot such a lucrative rez.

A source who was there said, "There were kids everywhere screaming and shouting, and the other guests just didn't like it." The witness laid blame on Biebs' doorstep, saying, "Justin was clearly encouraging his fans -- that's something he has to do."

The Biebs was then seen taking up residence in the Mandarin Oriental, another posh hotel.

In contrast to Morandini's claims, Bieber was not booted – he made the choice to transfer due to security issues.

His rep said, "Justin was not kicked out of the hotel. He decided to transfer to the Mandarin Oriental when there wasn't enough security at the hotel to control the crowds. There wasn't even an underground entrance for him at the other hotel and the security was too lax given the size of the crowds."

The rep added, "Plus there was no garage. Very unsafe situation for Justin and the fans. Over 500 kids bombarded the hotel."

So it was the hotel's fault and indirectly the fault of the Beliebers.

A spokesperson for the Le Meurice said Le Biebs had let, but that it was of his own accord. He was not strongarmed out. "Justin Bieber had indeed left the establishment to go elsewhere, but we do not know where," the spokesman said. "But this is a decision made by him or his team. We do not turn people away."

That seems like a pretty big reservation to lose over lax security issues. Maybe the hotel needs to think about beefing up its parking sitch.

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