Justin Bieber revealed that the worst dare he ever accepted involved a smooch. So who did the 'Boyfriend' singer lay one on? A dead fish. Yuck!!!

According to STV, The Biebs said, ''The worst dare I ever did was kissing a fish. It was dead. It was pretty gross.'' That's putting it mildly. We hope The Biebs washed his mouth out with soap after that liplock. Trout pout!

The teen's lips now get to smooch with his gorgeous girlfriend Selena Gomez – and are the fantasy of many a Belieber -- as he has since moved on from making out with marine life.

He's also working on improving both his physical and mental strength, something that will serve him well in his chosen profession.

''I've started working out more and getting a bit heavier," The Biebs said. "I'm just staying fit and active, and want to be strong physically and mentally. It's good for touring. You've got to have agility.'' Performing live on stage every night requires quite a bit of stamina, which the singer can build by doing exercises. He does pull-ups and chin-ups, but feels he is far from prime form at this point.

Let's see how Biebs looks and feels once his mega (and sold out) 'Believe' tour wraps next year.

Watch the Justin Bieber 'Boyfriend' Video