Harry Styles, look out! Justin Bieber is gunning for your bad tattoo crown. The Biebs was snapped with another tattoo on his arm, this time of (what we think is) a knight.

A fan posted a shot on Twitter, and it appears to be an epidermal and dermal etching of a medieval warrior.

We can't really tell from the image since it's not as close up as we'd like it to be, so we can't absorb and appreciate the detail that no doubt went into this piece.

But it looks like a black and gray rendering of a knight.

The Biebs has been adding tattoos to his arms and at this rate, it appears as though he is going to eventually end up with a sleeve. Hopefully it will have some cohesion, since his pal Harry Styles of One Direction has a sprinkling of ink that doesn't seem to have any connective tissue, thematically speaking.

PopCrushers, are you loving JB's bad boy tats? Or do you think enough is enough and he is getting too many and ruining his boyish looks?