Justin Bieber is celebrating his birthday in a big -- and expensive -- way. TMZ reports that the newly-legal Bieber has his eyes on two new Los Angeles mansions.
Sources close to the Biebs report that he's finally narrowed down his real estate options to three houses. Two of the mansions are in Calabasas, Calif., home of fellow pop legend Britney Spears and some of the Jackson family members. One of the homes is priced at $8 million, the other at $6 million.

The third home Bieber's considering is in Hollywood and currently being rented by none other than Ashton Kutcher. The bachelor pad is listed at a cool $10 million.

Bieber's pals say that one of the houses will be for himself, and the other for his mom. Say it with us now: "Awwww!"

Those aren't the only birthday treats Bieber's gotten. His manager, Scooter Braun, gifted him with a new set of environmentally conscious wheels, and Ryan Seacrest announced he got Biebs a Costco membership for his birthday. (Uh, thanks?)

TMZ noted that the 'Boyfriend' singer went parachuting this afternoon, then plans on having an intimate dinner followed by a fancy party to celebrate his big 1-8. Sounds like a happy birthday to us!