Justin Bieber's free show in Norway on May 30 nearly brought the Scandinavian nation to its knees. Scores of teenage girls were worked up into a lather and a frenzy, nearly crippling the nation and almost causing a state of emergency. After 19 girls went to the hospital, with a total of 49 sustaining non-serious injuries in the mob, The Biebs' label issued a statement expressing regret over how things went down.

E! reports that the Red Cross of Norway provided first aid for 78 people, including water for dehydrated girls.

Despite rumors of such, a state of emergency was not declared. Instead, the public was highly critical of how the police and the singer's label Universal Music handled the situation. There was no consideration given to the level of The Biebs' fame. Essentially, older authorities were unaware that the singer is a worshipped by millions of girls afflicted with Bieber Fever. There was poor preparation,with little thought about how insane Beliebers get when the singer is nearby.

For their part, Universal fired off a press release regarding the fracas, claiming the company "regrets strongly that some of those who were [at the] Justin concert had a bad experience." A Uni exec pointed out that it was fortunate that no one was seriously injured. Even with the negative publicity that resulted from the mob and the gig, The Biebs is excited to return and perform for Norwegians again.

Norway may have been weak and wobbly, but it was not crippled by The Biebs' visit. We're sure they'll be better equipped to deal with Bieber Fever next time. Live and learn.

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