Is it Lana Del Biebs or is Justin Del Rey? We're not sure, but whatever "it" is, it's terrifyingly amazing and is a testament to the wonders of modern technology and computer graphics.

The I Am So Sorry Tumblr posted a brilliant and creative mashed up a photo from Justin Bieber's recent V cover story, where he was all wide-eyed and pouty-lipped as he stands on the precipice of his 18th birthday in March, with a photo of Lana Del Rey. Specifically, Del Rey's features (eyes, lips and more) were superimposed onto the a photo of The Biebs wearing a leaf-shaped crown.

The basic features of The Biebs and Del Rey are similar enough to make you think, WTF?  We have to admit that we're just a little creeped out by the way the two are so seamlessly meshed and mashed.

Seeing The Biebs with long eyelashes and lip gloss and Del Rey with Bieber bangs is strange. If anything, maybe this photo prank will reach The Biebs, he'll tweet about, get in touch with Del Rey and they'll do a duet. That's how it works in the pop universe and the digital age.