It seemed that Justin Bieber was the boy who cried wolf when he pulled a prank on the entire Internet, claiming a laptop was stolen and his private information was comprised, resulting in leaked "fauxtos" (get it -- photos!) which turned out to be a publicity stunt to premiere his video for 'Beauty and a Beat.' It was a "Gotcha!" moment and a digital victory for the Biebs, himself a web-created superstar. However, the computer really was lifted while on tour in Tacoma, Wash.

Scooter Braun, the teen's manager, confirmed that the Biebs was indeed the victim of a theft and the reason that no police report was locatable by crafty journalists who refused to be duped and who looked to expose the stunt is because it was filed under his tour manager Josh Williams' name. A-ha!

Further digging revealed that a police report was indeed filed on Oct. 10, just after 9PM.

Despite the theft, which was the basis for a clever and strategic PR hoax, Biebs and his handlers feel no ill will towards the city of Tacoma and will, like Arnold in 'The Terminator,' be back.

"Regardless of anything, I don't think a city should be judged by one idiot's actions," Braun said. "We had an incredible experience at that show in Tacoma. One of our dancers grew up in Tacoma. We've only heard good things, and had a great experience there and in Seattle. And we plan on coming back there. One idiot's decision to steal a computer in our offices won't affect how we feel about that city."

So many diplomats in the Biebtourage.

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