The famed musical 'Les Miserables' is headed to Toronto, and producer Cameron Mackintosh has offered a role in the production to one of Canada's most famous musical exports/stars: Justin Bieber! Mackintosh has issued a statement saying that The Biebs is more than welcome to appear in the show, which launches next July.

"You're going to have a completely new, all-Canadian production opening at the Royal Alex in July, 2012 . I would love to hear Justin Bieber sing 'Empty Chairs at Empty Tables.' Please spread the word that he'd be more than welcome in the show," Mackintosh said, according to NDTV. You listening, Biebs? Or, more importantly, are you listening, Scooter Braun? Braun is The Biebs' manager and the one who would likely make this decision for the boy wonder!

Mackintosh's version of 'Les Mis' is reworked with new staging and an entirely new set design, which is inspired by 'Les Mis' author Victor Hugo's paintings. "I was inspired to do a new version when I realized that the show was going to be 25 years old. You always have a different point of view on something after 25 years and just for my own sanity's sake, I had to see it fresh again," Mackintosh said. The addition of Justin Bieber to the cast would certainly lend an air of youth and freshness to the legendary production.

The story follows characters for 17 years as they navigate the happenings of the French Revolution. While that storyline is not typical of something that The Biebs' largely teenage female fanbase follows, it'd certainly be a creative left turn for the singer and could be a bit of a mature career boost at that.