K.D. Lang has a crush ... Sort of. The openly out singer labeled teenage dream Justin Bieber as "hot" on TV! She also said he looks like a lesbian!  Whoa! Wait. What?

Turns out, during the "Random Question Hat" segment of Rove LA, where guests yank random questions (like "Do you pee in the shower?") out of a hat and answer them, Lang had the good fortune to pull out this philosophical query: "Justin Bieber: Hot or not?"

While millions of Beliebers will squeal "hot" without thinking twice, Lang is a lesbian so The Biebs isn't exactly her type on multiple levels. However, Lang had fun with the question, saying, "He looks like a lesbian, so I am going to say hot as s---!"

So according to K.D. Lang, The Biebs not only looks like a lesbian, but he is hot. He is beyond hot. He is hot as s---. There's no higher compliment that a loud and proud lesbian could offer the teen. The statement might piss off the Beliebers, though. They don't like his girlfriend Selena Gomez nor do they take kindly to any sort of criticism, humorous or otherwise, about their hero!

Maybe The Biebs will get wind of Lang's declaration and team up with her for a duet! They do share an incredibly similar coif. In fact, judging from the photo above, The Biebs and Lang almost look related. Don't they?

Watch K.D. Lang Say Justin Bieber Looks Like a Lesbian