Justin Bieber continues to submerge himself into the hip-hop world: A mixtape track with Chris Brown; the Reworking of a Drake song; and now appearing on a song on Lil Twist's upcoming debut! The Biebs is goin' hip-hop and nothing will stop him!

"'Don't Get It Twisted' is definitely coming before the year is over," Twist, 18, told MTV at the VMAs last Sunday about his upcoming album. "I'm getting ready to put out my next record, which features Justin [Bieber], the one that everybody's been waitin' on. 'Wherever You Are' featuring Justin Bieber coming soon."

That's what we call not-so-shameless self-promotion! The two teen titans have partnered up for what is sure to be a big track when ever 'Don't Get it Twisted' lands!

Twizzy, as the Young Money member is known, has even teased about a full mixtape between himself and The Biebs. It's yet to surface, but it's becoming the stuff of legends. Twizzy told MTV last year that he and The Biebs "started working in the studio, sending stuff through the MacBook and everything. And then he was like, 'Yo, bro, we should do a mixtape. Let's go.' We just started then."

The drop date of said mixtape is TBD, but Lil Twist did offer more deets about the single, saying,""It's a party song. Straight for the sun. It's a Miami record." Sounds hot.