After much chatter about collaborating, Justin Bieber will indeed appear on 'Wherever You Are,' the upcoming single from Lil Twist. The duo had said that they were working in a mixtape late last year and now Twist has confirmed more details of the partnership.

Lil Twist told MTV that the 'Wherever You Are' features "my little brother Justin Bieber and I believe that that record is going to really do it." Not only does the Biebs appear on the single, he will also carve time out of his perfume-promoting, Selena Gomez-dating, 3D-movie-appearing schedule to film the accompanying video, too. And it's not going to be just any video. This pair has plans.

"We're gonna get some treatments [written]," Lil Twist said. "We're not just gonna pick any treatment because that video could just be out of here. We got a few different ones; I don't mean to name any [directors], but a few different ones. It's going to turn out great."

We're psyched to finally hear (and see) the collab between the two, as the gestation period has been rather long. The Biebs and Twist have talked about working together, but we've yet to enjoy the fruits of their labor.

In November, Twist revealed, "Me and Justin, we actually met through a mutual friend and after that we got real cool actually," he recalled. "[We] started working in the studio, sending stuff through the MacBook and everything. And then he was like, 'Yo, bro, we should do a mixtape. Let's go.' We just started then."

The wonders of technology!

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