Justin Bieber continues to dip his toes into the hip-hop pool. His latest foray into the genre? His remix of Lil Wayne's 'How to Love.' The Biebs' manager Scooter Braun tweeted that the Biebs produced and played all the instruments on the spare song. The Biebs apparently handled both guitar and percussion, which Beliebers know he is adept at, since we saw him smash the skins (as a little tyke) in footage from his 3D concert film 'Never Say Never.'

The remix is understated and has an almost reggae-lite feel when The Biebs delivers his raps. It also has a layered sound and acoustic energy. We're impressed with The Biebs' instrumental capabilities and how he retooled the song and turned it into an acoustic, gentle ballad.

The lyrics are also rather mature fare for Bieber, which should make his fans hope he isn't singing them and thinking about gal pal Selena Gomez. He offers a light rap, singing, "We could grow old together/ Just share our souls together/ Find how to love, kiss and hug/ How to roll together/ I just need you by my side/ Maybe we could be alright/ I just want to hold you right/ We can into the night/ You're the one I need."

The verdict? The little Biebs is all grown up. Or at least he is getting there. The choice of song, the way that he makes it over and the way he owns it demonstrate that he is more than a just teen idol, flash in the pan who is here today, gone tomorrow.

The Biebs' work on 'How to Love' is a testament to his musical talents and skills, not his image, his fanbase or his fame. He is like Lady Gaga in that he can actually sing and play instruments.

Listen to Justin Bieber 'How to Love'