Justin Bieber is used to making girls scream, but it's probably rare that he makes grown men scream like little girls. In a hilarious new Macy's Black Friday ad, the 'Mistletoe' star is put off by a number of starstruck guys as he promotes his new Someday fragrance.

In the commercial, the Biebs hops into the back of a private car, where he prompts the driver to take him to the Macy's Black Friday sale. But when the chauffeur turns around to greet the 17-year-old heartthrob, his 'hello' turns into an unexpectedly funny shriek.

But it doesn't stop there! Somehow, Bieber does make it to the department store, where he's met by two tough-looking guys stocking cases of his new perfume near the entrance. By this time, we know what to expect, but it's still just as hilarious when the dudes start screaming, as one of them is reaching for the 'Baby' star and the other is jumping up and down like a true Belieber.

Justin encounters two more overly-excited adult men before the end of his 30-second commercial spot, but he quickly learns to embrace it, telling one store clerk, "I guess you're excited, too!" Macy's, which opens at midnight on Black Friday, will be a huge promoter of Bieber's Someday fragrance the day after Thanksgiving; each Justin Bieber Someday gift set sold will also send $2 (per sale) to the Make a Wish foundation.

Better get there early!

Watch the Justin Bieber Macy's Black Friday Ad