Justin Bieber may be musing over his not-so-happy personal life, but his professional situation is aces, as his career continues to blow up. The singer might make chart history not once, but twice, if his new EP 'Believe Acoustic' lands at No. 1 on the Billboard Top 200, which it very well might.

Here's how the Billboard cover boy will etch a place for himself in the history books if the EP does hit that coveted top slot next week. The EP is out on Jan. 29, in case you needed a refresher.

According to the bean counters – we mean statisticians -- at Billboard, The Biebs will be the only artist in history to have five No. 1 albums before he turns 19 if the album bows in the top position. (The big birthday is March 1, for all the Belieber trivia players!)

Right now, he's tied with Miley Cyrus. Each has four No. 1 albums at such a young age. Beliebers, you're not going to let Miley Montana, who is now 20, remained tied with The Biebs forever, right? Since she's 20, she can't further compete with him, so it's up to The Biebs to break the record and make it his own, as opposed to sharing it.

The other way he will make history is by becoming just the 10th act to score a No. 1 album in four consecutive years.

'My World 2.0' was No. 1 in 2010. 'Never Say Never: The Remixes (EP)' and 'Under the Mistletoe' went No. 1 in 2011. 'Believe' topped the charts in 2012.

We think The Biebs has the swag, swag, swag to pull this off.

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