Justin Bieber escorting boxer Floyd Mayweather, Jr. into the ring on Saturday night (May 5) before he went mano y mano with Miguel Cotto became a worldwide trending topic. Turns out it was planned for months, as the boxer actually reached out to the singer in hopes of mentoring him.

Many thought that Mayweather's recruitment of The Biebs was a publicity stunt to help quell crowd hostilities and it's likely that Bieber had never been subjected to so many boos, which he received as part of the boxer's entourage; the boos were still less than expected in the pro-Cotto crowd due to Bieber's presence. But Mayweather had actually made contact with the singer four months ago.

reports that Mayweather saw The Biebs' concert film 'Never Say Never' and initiated contact so he could mentor the teen, and help him to achieve the same level of professional greatness by teaching him some of the intangibles of fame and fortune. Since Mayweather is older and more experienced, he could impart some wisdom on Biebs.

Now it's reported that The Biebs thinks that Mayweather, who has had his own legal troubles recently, with some domestic violence charges, is misunderstood.

While it may seem like an odd pairing on the surface (a teen idol and a hardened fighter), opposites do indeed attract and both the singer and the boxer can learn from each other in different aspects of life. It's not as insane as it might seem.