Justin Bieber has acknowledged his recent run of bad behavior, the latest of which is his terrible driving, chalking it up to his youth, saying, "I mess up sometimes." Um, Biebs, that's the understatement of the century, kiddo.

The singer spoke exclusively to Us Weekly, saying, "The biggest misconception about me is that I'm a bad person. I get upset about that. I have a big heart. I want to be a good role model, but some people want me to fail."

Let's assess that statement. First off, the idea that The Biebs is a bad person is actually not as prevalent as he might think. It's obvious he is a teenager in an extraordinary situation, thrust into the spotlight, unable to come and go as he pleases without the glare of a billion paparazzi flashbulbs. He does not come across as a bad person -- look at all the time he spends with sick Beliebers and how good he is about communicating with the rest of his army of fans via Twitter. His good heart is obvious.

He just appears to be a young man who is making some bad decisions and they are magnified due to his insane level of fame.

What's not good is how he is handling himself.

He also said, "I'm young and I make mistakes. That's part of growing up. I mess up sometimes. It's part of growing up."

That is all very true. He is young. He will make more mistakes. It is all part of the process of becoming an adult. But what he needs to do is get a hold on the situation and control it, and not do things so publicly. Some people can't handle fame and he needs to harness it.

He addressed his shirtless night in London – you know, the one that caused Olivia Wilde to weigh in. "I still had part of my tour wardrobe on and was rushing into my hotel," he said.

He also spoke about his medical malady, which caused him to pause a show and be hospitalized after. "I passed out from the flu," he revealed, as if to stop any rumors that something more may be happening with him. "The worst thing to me is disappointing my fans -- we only had five songs left -- so they gave me oxygen, and I decided to finish the show and then go to the hospital. The show must go on."

And that gas mask? Nothing more than a joke with friends.

"I wanted to hide my face from all the cameras," he said. "They got it as a joke. My friends and I like messing around." Yeah, like that hideous and loud outfit he wore in London.

As for the battle with his neighbor, there are more details coming to light. The neighbor said The Biebs spat in his face and threatened to kill him on Tuesday morning (March 26), after he chided the teen for driving a Ferrari recklessly and dangerously at 100mph on the Calabasas streets.

The man, 47 and a father of 3, complained to the teen, telling him he can't drive that carelessly. Biebs' response? "Get the f--- out of here," which was followed by the spit and the closing salvo: "I'm gonna f---ing kill you."

That might seem shocking to some casual Beliebers or non-Beliebers but after he spewed eff bombs at British paparazzi a few weeks ago, we're not surprised.

The accuser wants the singer prosecuted and is not giving up.

For his part, Biebs denies the threats and the salival spew. He says the neighbor is lying, and that no spit ever came flying out of his mouth and that murder threats were never made. The Biebs did not deny the heated confrontation, which began when the pissed off neighbor stormed onto his property to shake his fist and finger at the singer for his driving habits. He is however denying that the exchange crossed the line into something physical.

Sounds like these two neighbors better lawyer up.

The Biebs also needs to chill out for a second and calm down and stop driving maniacally and fighting with neighbors. Ease up, bro.

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