Justin Bieber has been vocal about his fandom of Metallica, the biggest heavy metal band in the world. He demonstrated his love for the group with this, uh, "cover" of its famous song 'Fade to Black.'

With guitarist Dan Kanter strumming, The Biebs uses his mouth and voice to mimic the riffs. Granted, it's all of 15 seconds, but it's a different side of Justin Bieber, one we don't see every day.

It's sorta cute to see Justin Bieber, Rocker.

With his tattoo sleeve and his recent rash of bad boy behavior, he is certainly exhibiting rocker traits.

We're thinking that the children of the members of 'Tallica will like this clip more than their parents.

The singer did say that when it comes to Metallica, he likes the early stuff, which is the harder and heavier material that populates the band's vast catalog. We never thought we'd mistake The Biebs for a headbanger...until now.