Despite reports that Justin Bieber was not interested in a plea deal and the lawyers saying no plea was offered, new rumors have popped up that the two sides are indeed nearing a plea deal in the singer's DUI/drag racing case.

The arrest-heard-round-the-world, which happened back in January, has been a blight on The Biebs' reputation. The case was scheduled to go to trial in May but it looks like that scenario may be avoided since a plea deal is being hammered out and it works mightily in the singer's favor.

TMZ reports that the prosecution is leaning away from the DUI, resisting arrest and driving without a proper license charges. They are working with his legal team to have the singer plead no contest to reckless driving. The three charges will be dropped, which is a big "whew" for the pop star.

Another huge score in Bieber's favor is the the fact that the prosecutors are not pushing for the random drug testing they were asking for. That was said to be a bone of contention and a scenario to which Bieber would never agree, under any circumstance, since he does not want to submit to tests. He did test positive for weed the night of the arrest, and he had admitted to taking Xanax, as well, so…

However, the singer would be put on probation for a year, which means he would have to straighten up and fly right and stay out of trouble. Just ask Chris Brown how easy it is to toe the line and what a headache it is when you don't adhere to probationary terms and conditions!

This plea deal could be accepted and finalized within days.

Meanwhile, The Biebs remains locked in a legal battle over a Miami paparazzi case, which is completely unrelated to this case.