The Justin Bieber legal roller coaster is loaded with ups and downs. It was just revealed that he will be deposed and questioned over a 2013 incident, something his legal team did not want. Now, reports have surfaced that the cop who arrested The Biebs last month has credibility issues and a sketchy record. That could end up being a good thing for the singer.

Officer Steven Cosner arrested The Biebs for drag racing in Miami last month. However, he himself has a dicey record and has been questioned over multiple incidences of misconduct, which makes his report on The Biebs' case somewhat suspect.

In his report, Cosner claimed that Bieber and his friend Khalil Sharieff were engaged in a drag race, driving at a rate of at least 55MPH. However, the GPS readout indicates the cars never went faster than 27MPH during the alleged drag race. The car did hit a high rate of speed earlier in the evening, but not during the time in question.

However, internal affairs documents have surfaced, thanks to TMZ, which raise doubts about Cosner's cred. The file indicates that Cosner has been accused of misconduct 15 times between 2001 and 2012. The officer did not attend court hearings five times and received three verbal and two written warnings.

The fact that he skipped those proceedings suggests that he did not want to be placed under oath. There are serious consequences for lying under oath, so… draw your own conclusions.

Additionally, the officer has committed other offenses, ranging from violating rules of "courtesy and respect" to "unlawful compensation." He was suspended. He was also once written up for sleeping on duty.

Clearly, he is not in possession of an exemplary record.

The readout combined with the findings in Cosner's IA documents are certainly ammo for The Biebs and his lawyers. TMZ insiders says that the lawyers will address these issues. Cosner's spotty record could complicate things for the prosecution of this case goes to trial and that would bode well for Biebs.