Justin Bieber didn't do right by a whole mess of dedicated, diehard Beliebers in Florida. He blew off a fan appearance that was a part of a shoot for an upcoming concert film as part of his Believe tour. Gasp! Not cool.

According to Zap2It, thousands of fans assembled from local charity organizations waited all day and signed releases to permit their likeness to be used in the film. They were told that their hero would be showing up. But he never did.

Instead, according to the mother of a fan, the 'Beauty and a Beat' singer's camp herded fans like cattle, and even said that the singer "was out late last night," which was why he was a no-show.

The Biebs' people are likely carefully instructed on what to say, and more importantly, what not to say when surrounded by his extremely young fanbase, in order to keep his calculated image in tact. So we question how realistic someone on his security detail saying such a thing is. We're not buying that.

The Biebs had a tardiness issue in Florida all around. He was also late for his gig at the American Airlines Arena in Miami, so his show ran until almost midnight. Illness was blamed as the cause, even though witnesses saw him riding a bike earlier in the day. That's not really indicative of anything other than he was using wheels to get around.

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