Justin Bieber's video for 'As Long as You Love Me' has garnered over six million views already. It's buzzing because it's dramatic and cinematic, and we see The Biebs not only trying his hand at serious acting but getting his butt whooped by intimidating actor Michael Madsen. Turns out Madsen didn't derive any pleasure from beating the you-know-what out of Biebs.

JB is dating Madsen's daughter in the vid and dad ain't into it. Period. End o' story.

The fact that The Biebs gets beaten could be part of the reason why the clip is generating so much chatter and there's probably more than a few haters who watched the clip just to see him get punched in the face.

MTV caught up with Madsen, who dished about what it was like to work with the teen. "I didn't exactly enjoy slapping him around," he said. That's because The Biebs is a stand up dude. Madsen continued, "Had he been a prick, had he been a brat, you know, I might have had fun with that. But he was actually, he was the opposite." Take that, Marg Helgenberger.

Madsen deemed Bieber "very respectful and decent," revealing the teen wanted the vid to be well-done, meaning he's also a total pro.

The actor said, "I think that I've been around enough to know I can tell if somebody isn't really doing their job or taking what they do seriously. And I could tell from early on in the morning that he was. He wanted it to be right. He wanted it to be specific and had a good car, a '68 Charger. That's a pretty b----ing car, you know? I saw that da-- thing parked in front of the house and I went 'Wow, I hope that's mine.' But they put me in a Rolls Royce; not too bad at all."

Since Madsen has been around showbiz for quite a while, and can tell if someone has "it" or not, what does he think about The Biebs' future in Hollywood? Could he have a viable acting career? Perhaps.

"He had good eye contact," Madsen shared. "He was focused. He didn't have a double. I think he should leave the acting up to me. He can sing though. See I can't do that. It goes both ways. He can sing his head off and he's da-- good at it, and I couldn't get close to that. He does his thing, and I do mine."

The Biebs also tweeted about the video's concept, admitting that it was inspired by Michael Jackson, as has much of his work with 'Believe.' He posted: "MJ told stories with his videos. I wanted to tell a story. feel like a movie."

Mission accomplished, Biebs. It's your most film-like video of your career, kid.

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