Teen celebrities make a lot of money -- that's no surprise to anyone. Pushed through the right mold, teen boys have the ability to become sex symbols before they're even old enough to gamble, and famous girls can grab the attention of kids as role models with little effort. According to PEOPLE's Richest Teen Celebs list, Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez are among those who pocket the most change from their fame.

Last year alone, the Biebs' piggy bank weighed in at a whopping $53 million thanks to his 'Never Say Never' 3D flick. Just behind him, nearly 19-year-old Miley Cyrus collected a total of $48 million from touring, far outweighing their fellow young stars.

Those sky-high numbers make Selena Gomez's $5.5 earnings look like actual chump change. If she and Bieber were to get married, would that make him the bread winner? We're only kidding, of course! Baby Jonas Brother Nick toppled his Disney peer with $12.5 million this past year, while sibling duo Willow and Jaden Smith grabbed roughly $9 combined.

Unsurprisingly, PEOPLE's list falls in line with the M Magazine 10 Richest Teen Stars list published back in June, making it obvious that these kids are doing just fine on their own.