Milk usually does a body good, but not so much in Justin Bieber's case. The singer puked at the Arizona kick off of his Believe world tour on Saturday (Sept. 29) but it wasn't nerves that caused The Biebs to vomit. It was an unusual culinary combo of milk and spaghetti that made him toss his cookies.

Just thinking about that pairing nearly has us losing our lunch.

The 'As Long as You Love Me' singer called into TMZ to talk about the very public hurling, saying, "In Canada, we like to have spaghetti and milk. I dunno if you guys do that. I dunno if it was a good idea before my show, but I had a glass of milk before I went on stage, and I was feeling it five songs in."

Spaghetti Bolognese and whole milk? WTF was he thinking? No wonder he hurled.

It's interesting, though. Most celebs and stars puke in public because they've consumed too much alcohol and are acting like fools. The Biebs is so wholesome that he puked from milk consumption. We can't make this stuff up.

"The show still went smoothly after that, I went back and finished it and gave them a great show," The Biebs said. What a pro! Indeed, the show goes on for Justin Bieber.

Perhaps this incident will help The Biebs nail a milk endorsement. He would look adorbs with a milk mustasche in one of those print ads. That's likely the only 'stache The Biebs could grow!