Justin Bieber unwrapped a present a little early this year and it was his 'Mistletoe' video. It certainly felt like Christmas in October, with a light snow falling on The Biebs and his raven-haired lady love in this romantic clip.

In the clip, The Biebs is walking in the snow, drinking a warm beverage at an outside cafe with said pretty brunette. The girl clearly likes Bieber, so it's only natural that she gets a little jealous when a blonde that Bieber knows comes by, hugs him, sits down and flirts, as he barely acknowledging the brunette. Teen romance drama. Sigh!

The Biebs and his girlfriend are a super cute couple, walking through a Christmas tree farm and later heading into a photo booth to take candid, playful shots. The blonde girl shows up once again and her presence is more than a little unnerving to the The Biebs' lovely but shy GF. The girlfriend wanders off, admiring a little black dress in a store window.

We next see her in her room, wistfully recalling her time with The Biebs and thumbing their photo booth shots. He actually sends her that LBD that caught her eye while window shopping. What a lovely gift, right? That Biebs is quite the romancer!

They meet up again, with snow falling and decorative holiday lights emitting a glow around them. The Biebs is leaning against his white convertible (with the top up, of course, since it's snowing! Duh!) and she is wearing the dress he gifted her with. It's very 'Pretty Woman' and teen romance appropriate. They cruise away and the video fades out with them dancing and kissing under the mistletoe.

Watch the Justin Bieber 'Mistletoe' Video