Call it an occupational hazard that comes with the turf of being worshiped by the public, but Justin Bieber was mobbed (and accidentally sent a camera to the floor) at London's Heathrow Airport today (April 23.) While he stopped for photos with fans, the crowd began to swell and he eventually hotfooted it, crashing into a photographer when he made his escape to safety. The snapper's camera hit the ground. Such is teen idol life.

The Biebs tried to oblige the throng of shrieking Beliebers, but as is the case at sightings of the Biebs, the mob mentality was rampant and the single security guard struggled to control the crowd, forcing the 'Boyfriend' singer to break into a trot. He accidentally collided with a photographer who was snapping pics of the melee and inadvertently smashed the camera, according to WENN.

The Biebs tweeted about the scene he encountered. Nothing comes between the teen and his fans. He loves them even when they almost overtake him.