Justin Bieber and his mother Pattie Mallette are super close, and Mallette's struggles as a young (and single) mother have been well-documented as her son, 18, has risen to unimaginable levels of fame. Now, Mama Biebs is releasing 'Nowhere but Up,' a memoir about the trials and tribulations she endured early on. The book is slated to hit retailers and booksellers on Sept. 18 of this year.

According to OK!, Mallette shares details about being a teen mom and raising her son, attempting suicide and then turning to God.

A description of the book read as follows: "Pattie's story will inspire readers to believe that even in the darkest of places, there's always hope. For those who feel unlovable, there's always love. And for those who believe they're a lost cause, there's always room for another chance." Anyone who has ever lacked hope should get their mitts on a copy of this memoir.

Beliebers should notice that the Biebs himself wrote the foreword. What a good son he is. Obviously, Pattie Mallette did a terrific job raising Justin, so his fans should be quite interested in her story. There's bound to be photos of Baby Biebs, too.

This family is clearly bookish. The Biebs' second book, 'Justin Bieber: Just Getting Started', drops in September.