Selena Gomez has already shared the fact that her mom approves of her beau Justin Bieber, but it seems as if Bieber's mom feels the same about Ms. Gomez. Pattie Mallette, aka The Biebs' mama, not only praised Selena on her Twitter account, but also Gomez's BFF Taylor Swift!

On her official Twitter page, Mama Bieber wrote, "@taylorswift13 & @selenagomez r amazing role models. Thk u both4 caring about a generation enough 2 speak life in2 them! #GodBlessYou richly."

What a great compliment to these lovely ladies, and we certainly have to agree! Both Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift promote "love yourself and others" attitudes, inspiring teenage girls all over the world to embrace their inner beauty and to be confident and caring. Both girls are kind, sweet, and respectable, and they are just what the pop world needs right now in terms of being great role models for young fans.

Although Swift and Gomez didn't respond to the comment, we're sure that they were humbled and flattered by Mallette's comment -- especially Gomez, who officially got a big, enthusiastic (not to mention very public) thumbs up from her boyfriend's mother.