Justin Bieber is an overprotective son. His mother Pattie Mallette, who vowed to remain chaste until marriage, is getting back into the dating game, and at 37, she's quite the catch. After being set up with 'The Bachelor' host Chris Harrison, courtesy of Ryan Seacrest, Biebs expressed extreme displeasure at the thought. Attention all potential Pattie suitors: the Biebs is a tough crowd.

Both Mallette and Harrison tweeted the same photo of themselves nuzzling up to one another, but Bieber was quick to point out to matchmaker Seacrest that he is not feeling it and is not warming up to the idea.

"They both came to my show, but I’m pretty sure they came separate," he said coolly. "I’m still not cool with it, but I guess I’m going to have to be."

While we appreciate and adore the Biebs being "the man of the house" and looking out for his mother, he really doesn't have a choice in the matter and is going to have to live with it.

We don't think there is any reason for a beef with Harrison other than the fact that it's his mom and he has been the No. 1 guy in her life for the past 18 years, a role he isn't quite ready to relinquish.

Ease up, Biebs. Your mom deserves happiness. And if things gets serious and Harrison somehow breaks her heart, well, then he'll have to deal with you.

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