Sure, Justin Bieber is best behind the mic, but he's no stranger to the camera, either. In a new interview, The Biebs revealed that amidst new albums and singles, he might like to try his hand at a movie.

In fact, the 'Mistletoe' singer admitted that his team has been quick to put the pen to paper and has already gotten started on the script for the flick. "Hopefully next summer I can start on a movie or something," Bieber subtly told MTV News while chatting about the merry-go-round that is touring, recording and releasing a new album, which he plans to do early next year.

When prodded, the 17-year-old mogul wouldn't spill many details, but did say something that speaks volumes -- his backing team is already "working on the script" -- so by this time next year, we could have our own DVD version of Justin Bieber.

Oh, and rather than continue his crime streak (he appeared on 'CSI' last year), Bieber did say he'd like to work with some of the comedic greats. "[I want] to do a comedy with Will Ferrell, like play his son or something like that," he said, adding, "What's up, Will?"

Well, Will, what are you waiting for?