Justin Bieber can do a lot of things. Sing. Dance. Lay on the charm. Dress in a swag, swag, swag style. Let idiots drive his expensive cars. Make girls scream until their throats are raw and bloody. We bet if given the resources, he could bend time and space, solve the nation's fiscal crisis and split the atom. But there is one thing the singer, 19, can't do ... and that's grow a mustache.

He posted a pic to his Instagram, captioning it: "Growin out the stash lol." Um, if that's a 'stache, it's an epic fail.

We looked long and hard at this photo, and not just because we love Le Biebs. We were desperately searching for some lone, errant facial hairs sprouting and dotting his upper lip. Biebs, baby, what 'stache are you speaking of?

We see a little bit of darkness on the upper lip, but we'd hardly call it a 'stache.

We're also stuck on that rockabilly, Jimmy Neutron-wannabe pompadour. What gives? Do we need to start a "Bring Back the Bangs" Facebook campaign, Beliebers?

Now, we realize that our Boy Wonder may be joking around about being mustachioed, since he probably wants to grow a sick soul patch or manscape a chin strap and can't. But we have to say we love a clean cut Biebs.

We're glad the kid is keeping his sense of humor amidst all the drama in his life. Maybe he will remain in the karmic debt of Lindsay Lohan after his 'Mean Boy' comments about her taxes and forever unable to grow face fur. That's uncivilized.

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