Beliebers are known to aim their hatred like digital nuclear warheads at the object of Justin Bieber's affection. Just ask Selena Gomez. However, his fans have a new target to hate and spew filth about online and her name is Ellapaige.

She has corrected reports that her name is Ellapaige -- there's no hypen -- via Twitter. Get that shizzay right, people.

The brunette was The Biebs' date to Justin Timberlake's after-party for the 2013 BRIT Awards, which took place on Feb. 20. They were not photographed together.

What do we know about Ellapaige, other than her name is an edgy, hip and cool hyphenate name, since her full name is Ellapaige Roberts-Clarke?

She is 17, a singer, and she arrived on his arm.

She is said to be from Norfolk in the U.K. and an ambitious artist. Well, one way to get noticed is by hanging off JB's arm at a music industry party teeming with celebs and execs.

A source said she is working her butt of to become famous but that her break is likely going to come not from being discovered for her voice but for being The Biebs' date. Who'd complain about that?

We don't know how they met but they may have mutual friends. Her mother is a professional photographer with music biz contacts and that may have been the genesis of them meeting.

She did plead the fifth, tweeting the following note.

Watch a Ellapaige Cover Adele