Good news, Beliebers! Justin Bieber just issued a new 45-second teaser clip for 'BoyFriend.'

Biebs debuted the video on Twitter, writing, "#35HOURS." The video opens with Bieber jotting down notes on a pad. He then hops up to a recording booth, and we get glimpses of his crew, production team and studio routine. Everyone is jamming out and enjoying the track.

Based on Bieber's dance moves and flow, it's easy to see why the song has garnered him Justin Timberlake comparisons. Between his hits, his swag and the fact that he's dating a teen pop princess in Selena Gomez, he may very well be the new J-Timberlake. All that's missing is the blockbuster acting career -- and with his basketball movie in the works, that may be his next resume addition.

Bieber's been on a teasing spree for the song. After releasing the lyrics and an instrumental intro, he played a longer clip (with vocals!) on 'Ellen.' While no one likes a tease, it's safe to say everyone loves Biebs.

Watch Justin Bieber 'BoyFriend' Teaser Video