It's inevitable that Justin Bieber will forever be linked to his hairstyles, no matter how often they change. When the now 17-year-old superstar cut his locks back in February, the story practically made the front page of the New York Times, as people everywhere mourned the loss of the 'Bieber Swoop.' But what's up with Justin Bieber's new haircut?

As of late, the Biebs has been spotted out quite a bit as he promotes his new holiday album, rocking a modified mohawk on his head. It's as if his short 'do began to grow out, and instead of cutting it down, Bieber said simply, "Let's spike it up, b----es!"

Just Monday, Biebs two-stepped his way onto the 'Dancing With the Stars' set looking like he'd stuck a fork in a socket -- and it was the same story Tuesday, when the angelic 'Baby' singer dropped into 'Ellen' to make a few handouts (to the tune of $100,000) and show off his locks. While the hilarious hostess didn't make mention of his fresh cut, we could hardly pay attention to anything else. His hair is just so tall, it was hard to see what was happening on the screen behind him!

Will this new style make Bieber the mockery of toddlers everywhere? Or will his sharp strands become 'the look' of 2012? Only time will tell...