Is Justin Bieber turning into the male version of Rihanna?

The Biebs posted another shirtless photo -- see an earlier one here -- this time at the gym while working out and surrounded by exercise equipment. He also shared shots while wearing '90s style coveralls, with one of the straps unhooked, Marky Mark style.

Since RiRi poses topless every chance she gets and often wears some unflattering outfits, like the baggy leather get up she wore to the 'Unapologetic' launch party, it's as though the Biebs is emulating her with his chest baring and his denim overalls. If he and Selena Gomez are indeed back together, this ensemble is cause for another split. We kid, we kid, at least about that part, but this outfit is hideous. It's a fashion misstep for Da Biebs.

The Biebs has taken to posting shirtless shots with increasing frequency, showing off washboard abs. He is currently on his Believe tour, so he remains in shape, given the workout he gets dancing his butt off on stage each and every night. The Beliebers don't mind seeing images of their hero sans a shirt.

But there is no excuse for those coveralls. The Biebs even posted "I hope you hate my style."

Hate is a strong word, but he is stuck in another era and decade. You can also see his dad Jeremy Bieber in the background of one of the shots. He also shared an image of himself nuzzling with his baby brother and sister, so clearly, the Biebs enjoyed some all important family time recently.


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