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Justin Bieber's New Songs

Justin Bieber shared two new songs on social media this week, and I'm really liking their vibe. The first track that he dropped, 'Hard 2 Face Reality' (which you can listen to above), seems like a more meaningful song than some of his previous tunes, and I'm totally into the serious and slow pace of the music. The second track, 'Born For This' (which you can listen to here) continues with that same, stripped-down kind of feel, showing JB at his most somber and vulnerable -- two things we don't get to see very often. The Biebs might put on a front in his personal life, but it's obvious that he's serious about his music, maybe the only place he can show his true self.

Rihanna's Green Lip Color

Jason Merritt, Getty Images

You know when you go to the MAC counter and try on every crazy shade of lipstick they have just to see what it looks like in real life? That pretty much describes my fascination with Rihanna's bold, jungle green lip color that she donned last night at the iHeartRadio Music Awards. I know that I could never personally pull it off, but it's crazy fun watching Rihanna do it! Plus, if anyone can pull off such a bright color, it's Rihanna. The emerald sheen almost gave her an ethereal-like quality; kind of mermaid-esque. Girl rocks it!

Marines Freaking Out Over 'Frozen'

There's only so many 'Let It Go' covers I can take. So when I first saw that a group of Marines were freaking out over the iconic Idina Menzel tune, I didn't think much of it -- that is, until I actually watched the video. And oh my God, am I glad I did. The notion that there is a large group of buff military guys so psyched about the song that they are literally jumping up and down in their seats is one thing, but when they totally lost their minds at the bridge -- when Queen Elsa lets her hair down -- I couldn't even contain myself.