At least one NFL neighbor is in Justin Bieber's corner, and it's former New England Patriots linebacker Willie McGinest. A three-time Super Bowl Champ and father of several Beliebers, McGinest had nothing but good things to say about his famous neighbor.

TMZ caught up with the former NFL'er in a parking lot. He admitted he resides in Calabasas "like everyone else," and confirmed that he lives across the street from The Biebs, saying, "He's great. My daughters love him."

While former NFL player Keyshawn Johnson went ballistic and chased The Biebs over his reckless driving, McGinest holds quite an opposite opinion. "I've never seen him speed," he admitted. "I've heard, though." He refrained from commenting on that drama, saying, "If I'm not there… I can't, I can't."

Fair enough.

Vehicular recklessness aside, McGinest said, "He's a good neighbor. My daughters love him. Whenever he sees little kids out, he'll stop, he'll say 'Hello.'"

Sounds like McGinest is a good Belieber dad and may not want an earful from his baby girls if he dissed The Biebs on camera.

So now there's four sides to this story: The Biebs' side, Johnson's side, McGinest's side, and the truth.