Justin Bieber rocked a medley at the 2012 American Music Awards tonight (Nov. 18) and paired up with Nicki Minaj for 'Beauty and a Beat.' The big question on everyone's mind was "Will they change the lyrics?," which reference his ex Selena Gomez, with whom he only recently split. Well, did they?

First things first. The Biebs started out seated on a stool and accompanied by an acoustic guitarist, donning a tank top, backwards baseball cap, red jeans and red sneakers, to perform an acoustic version of 'As Long as You Love Me.' It was a stark, spare contrast to the rest of the night's performances, which were expansive productions complete with lots of props. It was obvious to us this was just the beginning. And it was.

After he wrapped the first song, the Biebs demanded, "AMAs, get out ya seats," as he launched into a performance of the much faster 'Beauty and a Beat.' The set was decorated with boomboxes and it was a choreography-heavy performance, with Bieber fully in time with his crew of dancers. This performance fell in line with the rest of the night, meaning it was produced and featured lots of visual bells and whistles.

When Minaj turned up, wearing a huge black wig and leggings while bumpin' and grindin' with Bieber, she kept the lyric completely in tact. Was the fact that he let Minaj rap the the lyric a message to Selena, maybe about how he wants to get back together? Would it have been a you-know-what move to ditch her name from the song at a live, public event, so he was simply being polite? We wonder...

We have to admit that the Biebs did wear a look of distraction on his face while performing. It would seem that the split is weighing heavily on his mind.

Watch Justin Bieber + Nicki Minaj Perform at the 2012 American Music Awards