Honorary hip-hopper Justin Bieber and rap diva Nicki Minaj each brought an entourage of fans on stage with them when they partnered up to present the Best Male Hip-Hop Artist award at the 2011 BET Awards tonight. Their verbal back and forth was almost as exciting as announcing the actual award.

There was a batch of young, smiling girls on The Biebs' side and lots of wig-wearing, well-dressed ladies on Minaj's side. The singer and the rapper engaged in a little banter, with Biebs saying that he is almost old enough to drive. Minaj then asked Biever if he can handle curves. He responded affirmatively and confidently. Can someone say "Future collaboration?" The Biebs and Minaj certainly displayed an obvious chemistry when bantering onstage; imagine the damage they'd do on a song? That's what makes these awards shows so fruitful.

Oh, and by the way, Kanye West won the award. Since he could not be there in person to except, Minaj happily accepted on his behalf, shouting, "We love you Yeezy!" No wonder Biebs and Minaj had such an extensive moment together. There was no West on site to provide fireworks with his acceptance speech.

Congrats to Kanye West on being named Best Male Hip-Hop artist at the 2011 BET Awards.

Watch Justin Bieber and Nicki Minaj Banter on the 2011 BET Awards