While millions of tween girls would give up their potential life's earnings to live near Justin Bieber, his actual neighbors -- actors Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard -- say it does have its downsides.

The real-life couple and co-stars of the movie 'Hit and Run' recently revealed what life has been like ever since Bieber rented the house behind theirs. Dax said that although he became a Bieber fan after seeing the singer's documentary film 'Never Say Never,' having the teen phenom living so close hasn't exactly been a peaceful experience.

"The music and the parties and the paparazzi, I mean, it's like living in Lebanon now," the 'Parenthood' star joked.

His fiancee Bell, who's probably best known for playing the title character in the series 'Veronica Mars,' added, "In his defense, I will say we don't know the exact house the music is coming from. We just know since he moved in, the music has been blaring."

Somehow we doubt many Beliebers would mind.

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