There is one segment of the social media space that is not totally topped by Lady Gaga. While she occupies YouTube heartily and has notched over 1.8 billion total views, it's Justin Bieber who reigns atop the YouTube heap.

The Biebs is the first person to achieve two billion views on his official YouTube channel. Congrats, Biebs! Two billion Beliebers can't be wrong.

According to FameCount, The Biebs cruised past two billion views just over the weekend.

The Biebs got his start back in 2007 by uploading videos of himself performing the songs of others on YouTube and quickly became a viral sensation, catching the attention of his now-manager Scooter Braun and Island Records. Fast forward a handful of years and The Biebs is now the biggest teen pop star on the planet.

We hate to ruin the moment or rain on the celebratory digital parade, but there is proposed legislation which could bring about jail time for people who utilize copyrighted material on the Internet, i.e. perform copyrighted songs and uploading videos. Let's hope that bill dies on the vine and high-five to all the Beliebers for all the times they watched JB's vids!

Gaga is knocking in The Biebs' doorstep with YouTube as she continues to pull in big numbers when it comes to views, but for now, it's all about The Biebs. Congrats, kiddo.

The Biebs' debut holiday set 'Under the Mistletoe' drops Nov. 1.