Late night TV host Jimmy Fallon aka the Older, Fatter Justin Bieber, is following his Facebook chat with Madonna by moderating a Q&A with Justin Bieber.

Fans and Beliebers can submit questions via the #AskJustin hashtag through tomorrow (June 19). Then, the 'Boyfriend' singer will answer those burning questions via a YouTube chat this Thursday, June 21. Fallon and The Biebs "sell" their chat below, in a hilarious preview clip.

Fallon introduces himself as Justin Bieber, to which the real thing takes the power back, saying he is Justin Bieber. Fallon interjects that he is an "older" Bieber. The Biebs then clarifies that Fallon is a "fatter" Bieber. Hilarious.

It's a cute and adorably dorky clip, where the comedian and the teen singer play off one another and exhibit brilliant comedic timing. Bieber even "Shhs" Fallon.

They both fake crack up at the end, but Fallon, who was known for trying to stifle his laughter during live skits when he was a cast member of 'Saturday Night Live,' keeps it going. The Biebs is like "WTF?" by the end.

This clip is just more proof of the fact that producer Lorne Michaels needs to get the Biebs to host an ep of 'SNL' sooner than later.

Oh, and submit your questions for the YouTube chat, stat. While you are at it, check out our review of 'Believe,' which drops tomorrow.

Watch Jimmy Fallon+ Justin Bieber in Their Q&A Preview Clip