Justin Bieber's first holiday collection 'Under the Mistletoe,' which you should know is out Nov. 1, kicks off with a dreamy, drumbeat-driven, mid-tempo number called 'Only Thing I Ever Get for Christmas.' And no, it's not an ode to coal. Not by any stretch. It's actually a song about being satisfied with what you have.

The melody sort of reminds us of TLC's long-ago hit 'No Scrubs.' No lie. Remember that one? It was addictive and catchy, as is this song! 'Only Thing I Ever Get for Christmas' moves similarly and operates at the same tempo. Pop music is cyclical, and The Biebs' song is loaded with festive spirit, without overdoing it. There's not an over-abundance of sleigh bells and reindeer whistles! This song has just enough holiday cheer.

The Biebs sings a very simple hook in the chorus and it goes a little something like this: "The only thing I ever get for Christmas / Everything I wish for has come true / You're the single item on my list  / My one and only Christmas wish / Mistletoe is where I'll be waiting."

It's romantic and sweet, and it doesn't try too hard. Selena, are you swooning yet?

Listen to Justin Bieber 'Only Thing I Ever Get for Christmas'