A preview of Justin Bieber's interview for 'Oprah's Next Chapter' has already been made available. In it, The Biebs tells the talk show queen that he takes care to include his girlfriend Selena Gomez at all costs. He also makes sure she never, ever feels like he's ashamed of her or their relationship.

When Oprah asks how he and Selena manage to be together despite their crazy schedules (and how they are able to navigate life with the paparazzi and Beliebers stalking them), Bieber explains how it's important for them to try being a normal couple amidst abnormal levels of fame, even if it requires underground tunnels!

"We take the back exits and do different things," he says. "But I never make her separate from me. I don't ever want her to feel like I am ashamed of her. A lot of guys do that, in the business. They don't want to be seen with their girl. They make them ride in separate cars. They do all that getaway stuff. We get away… when we're getting away together."

That actually makes perfect sense when you break it down.

Did someone spout off some nonsense about chivalry being dead? The Biebs' consideration of Sel's feelings is sweet and romantic, and proves that he loves her. He really lurves her.

Yes, she is famous, too, but her fame is eclipsed by his. The fact that he won't put distance between them in the public eye, despite the fact that the Beliebers get jealous and swallow the Haterade by the gallonful, proves what a good BF The Biebs is!

Remember what a good date he was at the American Music Awards last year, holding the train of her dress on the red carpet?

And did anyone notice that The Biebs and Oprah look like they are sitting down to dinner during their chat? WTF is up with that?

Tune in Nov. 25 to find out more from the beautiful mind of The Biebs.