We already know that Justin Bieber gushed about his reportedly now-former ex Selena Gomez in his 'Next Chapter' chat with Oprah Winfrey, which has us wondering if it will be recut now that there is supposedly trouble in paradise.

In this 30-second trailer, the Gomez bits are absent, instead focusing on the positives in Biebs life... for the most part. Oprah gushes that there has "never been a star like him," which he grins about. She asks hard questions, as opposed to lobbing softballs, like if he thinks people are rooting for him or waiting for him to fail.

The Mariah Yeater paternity scandal comes up, too.

But what we want to know is if Opes got new time with The Biebs in light of the breakup rumors. She will want the scoop and what better way to serve it up than on a prime time special?

The full interview airs on Nov. 25.