There's new information coming to light in the case of the paparazzo who was killed while trying to obtain a photo of Justin Bieber's white Ferrari on New Year's Day.

The photographer, Chris Guerra, had been chasing and tailing the singer for months, and even lied about The Biebs, saying he was smoking marijuana. He also fibbed about Selena Gomez being present at the singer's hotel on New Year's Eve, as a source claims that Jelena have broken up again!

Guerra was truck by a car on Sepulveda Blvd in Los Angeles while trying to get a snap of the singer, who, unbeknownst to him, wasn't even in the vehicle at the time. Bieber sources told TMZ that Guerra had been tailing the teen, following at every turn, trying to nab photos. He reportedly made The Biebs' life hell while assigned to the Bieber beat.

Guerra supposedly called a friend shortly before his death, claiming that he witnessed Bieber smoking weed out of a pipe while driving his flashy swagmobile earlier in the day. The source has denied that claim, calling it a lie, saying that the only time the 'Boyfriend' singer left his hotel room at the Four Seasons that day was to hit a Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles in Hollywood for lunch. He did so sans any pot smoking devices.

Other sources say that Guerra also lied when he said he saw Gomez's car at the Four Seasons that day, as well. The sources say that Biebs and his on-off lady love went to Mexico, had a fight and broke up (again?) on Dec. 30. She left Mexico that day, while The Biebs stayed behind until Dec. 31, when he flew to L.A. They reportedly have not seen one another since the big blow out, and therefore she was never at the Four Seasons.

While Bieber did issue a statement about Guerra's death out of respect for his family, the insider says he was fed up with the snapper tailing him everywhere, making his life miserable by shadowing him and spreading lies.

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