Two cultural touchstones collided at 9PM ET on Nov. 1, as Justin Bieber performed a pair of songs on 'Dancing With the Stars,' one of the biggest ratings bonanzas out there. With The Biebs releasing his holiday collection 'Under the Mistletoe' today, it was the perfect platform for him to promote the release date.

The Biebs opened the show in a bedazzled, satin purple jacket that would have made Prince jealous, singing 'Never Say Never.' The most noticeable thing about The Biebs was not his voice or his ensemble or his dance moves. Those were all great and entertaining! It was the hair!

The Biebs famed, swooped-to-the-side bangs were MIA in favor of of a spiky, blown back coif. It surely suits him. Overall, with this performance, The Biebs was the sassiest we've seen the teen, as he glided across the floor.

The singer returned mid-show to perform his new holiday hit 'Fa La La' with Boyz II Men, who have jumped on The Biebs train at the right time, since they have a new album of their own ('Twenty') to promote. With their delightful harmonizing, Biebz II Men ushered the holiday season in a little early. The 'DWTS' stage is loud and well-lit, and sometimes all that dancing distracts from the musical performances, but this foursome delivered a decent rendition of a song we're sure to be hearing a lot more of as we go deeper into November and December.

The Biebs and the Boyz weren't the only musical guests. Ethereal singer Christina Perri sang a beautiful version of 'Arms' while people danced before her. It was dreamy and on the opposite side of the pop spectrum from The Biebs. It was a flavorful mix of pop styles on the 'DWTS' stage tonight.

Oh, and spoiler alert: We were bummed to see the always-entertaining David Arquette sent home.

Watch Justin Bieber Perform 'Never Say Never' on 'DWTS'