Sounds like Justin Bieber is a Phish phan! The teen phenom has been teasing his Beliebers with tastes of the jam band's hits on his Believe tour.

Following (phollowing?) his first Phish concert experience this past summer with Selena Gomez, Biebs has been jamming the band's songs subtly during his own sets. At a recent tour stop in Oakland, Calif., Bieber teased three different Phish songs in his set.

In the above video, Bieber teases Phish's song 'Sand' about 4:30 in, accompanying an action-movie style montage on the stage's screens, fading into 'First Tube' for the rest. The songs accompany Bieber's chase scene -- one that would make James Bond proud -- and conclude with him hurtling out of the floor of the stage in time with a jump in the film.

Biebs also treated fans to 'Divided Sky,' which you can hear around the 13:40 mark in the clip below, setting the soundtrack to yet another Bieber leap and some pyrotechnics.

Though it seems like an unlikely musical pairing, it shouldn't surprise Beliebers too much. Bieber and Phish share a lighting director in Chris Kuroda, often referred to as the fifth member of Phish. Additionally, Bieber's musical director and guitarist, Dan Kanter, is a huge Phish fan and has been encouraging the Canadian crooner to get into the band since they first met. Looks like it worked!

Watch Justin Bieber Tease Phish, 'Divided Sky'